A French Tango

This week began on an extremely romantic note. On Sunday, Olivier and I went out to a delicious dinner, as we do every month on the 9th, to celebrate being together. It’s really fun because we get to try all these fancy/non-fancy-but-very-yummy restaurants and now I can discover what kind of eating establishments exist in Lille! (And you know how I love food!)

(courtesy of picasaweb)

(courtesy of picasaweb)

As we were walking back to the apartment from the Vieux Lille (the old quarter of the town), we heard a mellow 2/4 tune floating out of the Vieille Bourse, the old Industrial Commerce Chamber. Quickly, Olivier and I ran to the main entrance of the Bourse to discover the most magical event I’ve seen in France yet. There danced forty-some Lilloise, their legs twisting and turning through the courtyard, all elegantly managing not to bump into each other! We just stood there, arm in arm, gawking at the beautiful tango, the dancers slowly fading into the twilight. This, we agreed, was something we’d have to learn!

(courtesty of Peter Forret)

(courtesty of Peter Forret)

– As a side note, I’ve been dancing tangos for the past two nights with some nasty French mosquitoes. They seem to love me just as much as any other mosquitoes in the world. And drinking bountiful amounts of wine does not seem to deter them. Damnit. Must find new French vice to keep them at bay. I hope this doesn’t mean I should take up smoking…jamais! –

Here’s the video that Olivier took from his mobile phone!



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5 responses to “A French Tango

  1. Great post! I took a video of this, do you want it?

  2. Pip

    Maybe thats why all Danish people smoke? It all makes sence now. Eat plenty of garlic, that’ll keep them away, also people.

  3. Mom

    Magic! Now it’s time to discover Astor Piazolla, the “king” of tango from Buenos Aires. Here is a link to the Piazolla archive.

  4. Hunter

    Sounds amazing! Wish I had any coordination. And that I were in France.

  5. Campbell

    Maybe you should just invest in bug spray?

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