And I thought my life was really boring…

…Ahh…maybe it is, but I seem to have proved myself a bit wrong with the help of a mid-day intruder in our apartment on Wednesday. I was in the process of giving my mom a Skype-tour of the apartment when all of a sudden a woman, dressed very scantily and in her 50s (never a good combination) walked into the apartment. I was so surprised that I didn’t give her any time to explain herself, yelled at her in French (which seems to be the only French I am really good at) Putain!!, and pushed her out the door, locking it immediately. While all this was happening, my laptop closed and my mom, who thought I had fallen and given myself a concussion, was sitting in Charlottesville, Virginia trying to think of a way to call the police so I wouldn’t die.

So, lesson learned: the one time you do not lock your door you will have an intruder. Therefore, ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOOR!

On Friday night Olivier gave me my birthday present – A CLASSIC POLAROID CAMERA !!! I remember that I used to have a JoyCam when I was little and I have always loved Polaroids. I am SO thrilled to own a Polaroid camera and to have it with me here in France! Especially considering I didn’t bring any camera with me to France. No, don’t freak out, you haven’t missed my birthday, it’s on the 28th. Olivier wanted to give me my present early so that I could bring it with us to Corsica on the 20th. And I cannot wait to take pictures with this amazing camera – it’s SOOO COOOLLLL! (By the way, if you are struggling to think of a birthday present, Polaroid film, PLEASE! 600 Instant Film. It’s been discontinued and I want to be able to use this present for as loooonnngggg as possible!)

Photo of Dieppe friends.

This past weekend has been absolutely wonderful too. First, 4 friends from Olivier’s high school and a Japanese guy who was visiting France came to visit while on their way to Brussels. Then, Olivier’s brother, Bruno, came to visit with two friends. The three of them are on their way to Copenhagen and were very pleased to have me give them some tips and a brief lesson in Danish. Tak, Hej hej, and things like that.

ack! no...i've just got a strapless dress on, thank you!
Photo of Arthur and Nicolas, two great friends from Lille.

Now I am in the process of packing, because we are off Corsica tomorrow!!! I cannot wait to be under the sun and in the ocean, swimming with fish and eating delicious sheep’s cheese and yummy charcuterie.

I will write when I get back in 10 days and tell you all about my adventures and include some photos!!

Ohh! And I finally got a haircut yesterday. It’s not bad!

Please write back and let me know how you are doing! It’s soooo wonderful to receive messages from you all. I am so excited to read the comments every time I see that someone has written to me! Thank you so much!! Please keep writing back!



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4 responses to “And I thought my life was really boring…

  1. carolyn

    it is strange to be back in cville with you in France! I want to go back to Europe! Also, I will begin teaching the Queer Studies class next week. I am sure you would love to be a fly on the wall for the first day of class. it sounds like you are having an amazing time. I miss you a lot!

  2. Pip

    wow whats with all the crazy half naked middle aged women these days. Cool about the camera, I still need to modify my old one for Oly.

    P.S. Oly wants to know why you’er naked with thoes two guys?

    • lostandfoundinfrance

      ahhh thank you kim and pip…i know you like that picture 🙂 it’s a strapless dress. ok, yes, maybe i shouldn’t have pictures taken while wearing this dress!

  3. Kim

    Half naked with two eager guys from Lille… haha. You haven’t changed 😉 BUT…. are you already back from Corsica, because I was thinking… why don’t I join you next week in Lille. I had no idea it was this close by! Big kiss lovely, xkiM

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