Kim and Barry came to visit!

This past week has been really fun and like a mini vacation because two of my best friends from the Netherlands came to visit! I had not seen Kim and Barry for maybe two years and it was so wonderful to spend time with them again – I missed them so much!!!

We went to the zoo, took a turn (literally, watch the video) on a terrible carnival ride where Kim and I almost threw up because we were in the air upside down for at least 5 minutes – I had to yell at the people to tell them to stop. We also ate lots of yummy food (check the recipes section)!

Here’s some photos of the two days.

Cool tree trunk carving

Cool tree trunk carving



Before getting sick

Before getting sick

While getting sick

While getting sick

The after effects

The after effects

There was also a huge party thrown by Nicolas, Arthur, and Raphael at their apartment. I invited all the international students and the party turned out to be 75% internationals. There were so many people you couldn’t move. There was also live jam music with drums, a guitar, and Nicolas’ accordion. It was great! (But we also totally trashed the guys apartment. I am really sorry dudes!)



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3 responses to “Kim and Barry came to visit!

  1. Mom

    I got sick just watching the video! How did you survive? I would have lost my lunch while upside down! Was that you I heard screaming in the video or is there a universal scream of terror? xo M

  2. Theresa

    Hi Lise.. i am in Toscany with my parents and Morten and it is great!! Toscany is wonderful in regards to food, wine, people and stunning views.. i can definitly recommend it and maybe we could even meet up here next year for a weeks vacation at a toscan wine castle (o; it is very affordable prices and one lives in small flats so we can make our own food prepared with only toscan ingredients…..just an idea but hope ofcourse to see you before that!!
    Take care lots of love Theresa

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