This weekend Olivier and I drove to Brussels to do Belgian things (ie: eat french fries and drink fancy beers at the famous Delirium bar) with our friends Ghet, Alex, and Irina. Here are some photos of the weekend!

Ghet ordering beers at the Delirium Bar

Ghet ordering beers at the Delirium Bar

Alex looking at the extensive beer menu (the largest selection of beers in world)

Alex looking at the extensive beer menu (the largest selection of beers in world)

My Pink Killer - a grapefruit beer

My Pink Killer - a grapefruit beer

The boys drinking their "devil" beers - Lucifer and Satan

The boys drinking their devil beers - Lucifer and Satan

In the main square

In the main square

Other than all that, I’ve been busy taking classes. I have signed up for 7 classes this semester which are:

– La France et l’europe en tendances
– Vie Politique Francaise
– Problemes Internationaux Contemporarians
– American Think Tanks: Ideological Propaganda or Academic Research?
– Intermediate French language
– European Welfare Systems
– World Cities

The classes with a French title are actually in French. I’ve decided to take the Certificate Etudes Politiques (Certificate of Political Studies) because it is highly esteemed here in France and I will look fancy on paper (also, it might help if I want to get a job in France or Europe). Taking classes in French is stressful – remember I’ve only been learning French for 7 months now – and sometimes I come out of class shaking because the teacher is talking so fast and I am trying to write/listen/concentrate/actually hear what she is saying. I might die. I might soar and fly and actually achieve this crazy goal. We will see! Thank god I still have 3 English classes, which makes me feel a lot better because I see the French students struggling to speak English and then I don’t feel so stupid anymore!

How are you doing?? It’s really becoming winter fast here – how is it there? Even if you read all this, just leave a little smiley face to let me know you are doing well (or a sad face if you are not).



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7 responses to “Bruxelles!

  1. Somehow your last picture in Brussels looks like it’s been photoshop’d 😛

    And please don’t die, we’re here to help if needed ^^

    • lostandfoundinfrance

      Thank you Arthur. I will really need the help. Especially to train for exposés. And I swear, the picture is not photoshopped! I was there…and I felt the cold weather too! See you later tonight!

  2. Daigo

    I think how you feel in class is how I always feel except I don’t have the excuse of not knowing the language.

    Don’t you worry about us over here though we have totally got America covered and everything will be fine.

    @(*0*)@ <– ambivalent koala will replace the smiley once everyone catches on

  3. Mom

    So looking forward to seeing you in December! We are very proud of your many accomplishments. I’m speaking of your ability to adopt French as quickly as you have, not consume the Pink Killer beer! Yes, of course, I do understand you have some charming motivation. ; )

    It’s Homecoming Weekend here in Charlottesville. CHS is having a big dance tonight. Mikaela is having a fashion crisis. Not typical for her, but she purchased very “unusual”, shall we say, shoes and now is having some trouble about finding an appropriate dress. This makes for an interesting twist to finding the just right shoes!

  4. Carrie

    Hey Lise!! Sounds like you have been having fun, although classes sound hard and less fun. Things are pretty good here. Had Fall Break last weekend and the beginning of the week this week which was wonderful. Miss you!

  5. lise!!!!!
    we miss you over here! you missed halloween which involved girls in their underwear/excuse for a costume running around rugby road and falling all over the place. our/your apartment is wonderful; kate got an evil (and cute) kitten and there has been a super intense prank war that has left many egos wounded.

    are you coming back ever again? i wish you were coming home for x-mas.

    p.s. i’m so glad you went to Delirium in belgium, that’s my happy place! belgium is the greatest, if only they could learn to drive…


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