3 weeks?! Ah! I’m bad.

I’m sitting in the living room, a glass of white wine in my hand and a piece of saucisson calling my name…and I just realized that it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve written. I warned you. I didn’t expect to keep writing regularly. Maybe I should put it into my daily planner and demand myself to write more often. Ugh, but where is the fun in that? Recently, I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and they’ve been writing for 3 years! And I cannot even pull myself together to write to you in 3 weeks. I suck.

The past weeks have been fun, stressful, warm, cold, and everything in between.

Fun : I’ve been to the movies – an International Short Film Festival – which was really enjoyable. It was held at a cozy, alternative venue called L’hybrid (definitely my kind of place) where they serve beers and trays of cheese, pickles, bread, tomatoes, and cucumber.

It was also one of my bestest friends birthday’s on the 14th of October – Maria from Sweden. So my girlfriends (Flora from Hong Kong, Malin from Sweden, Maria), Olivier, and I went to a Swedish band’s concert – Peter Bjorn and John. And, lo and behold, because Olivier is so amazingly cool, he got an interview with them! A little chat session with one of the greatest indie bands of our generation? Can’t get much better than that! (Check it out here in English/French)

Below are some of my favorite short films from the festival.

Stressful : School has been super hard lately but I’m at the point where I finally feel like I’m grasping French better than I ever have before. Actually, just the other day, I was in the shower thinking to myself, “Wow, I actually made it!” Although it’s still difficult as hell, I’ve made progress! Also, these past two weeks were filled by a class called European Welfare Systems. The teacher is German, doesn’t speak English so well, and wanted to have a completely “discussion oriented” class. Tell me one thing – how is this supposed to happen when the teacher doesn’t provide direction nor can he fully express himself in English? Now, trust me, I understand the frustration of not being able to speak a language fluently, but really…? At least the class is over now (yeah, that’s the weird Sciences Po schedule for you).

Warm : We had a party here this past week with a few of my international friends and I was really happy to have them at the apartment finally. I’ve also been spending lots of time with Flora, Maria, Malin, Yumi, Ingrid, Judith, Julia, and some other girls, including Dan from Germany, Yuki from Japan, and Jasper from Belguim. And of course Arthur and Nicolas, who we are going to Denmark with next week, yipeeeee! I finally feel satisfied and absolutely happy because I have friends!

Cold : The weather is freakkkinnnnggg coooollllldddd! It’s October but it feels like November! And I thought this summer was one of the hottest summers. Is it just me or is our world climate very confusing?

Everything in between : Like I mentioned above, Olivier, Arthur, Nicolas, and I are going to Denmark on Monday through Saturday. We’re driving the whole 10 hours there (AH!) and then on the way back we’ll be stopping in the Netherlands to see Barry and Kim. It’s also my friend Pip’s birthday! I cannot wait to see all my International People’s College friends. Unfortunately, my aunt and uncle will be traveling a lot so I don’t know if I will see them very often. But I’m ecstatic that Theresa, my cousin, is going to be in Copenhagen! I always love hanging out with her! And of course I am very very excited to show the guys Copenhagen and have them experience a country that is very dear to me.

How are you all doing? Have you seen any Christmas things in your parts of the world yet? (I have, this is ridiculous…it’s OCTOBER!) If so, complain to me! I want to know what kind of tacky crap you’ve seen!


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