I’m not a grinch but….

…A week ago a giant ferris wheel was installed in the Grand Place. Yesterday was the first day they turned it on, which included INCREDIBLY LOUD Christmas carols being blasted from speakers. Needless to say, it’s visually pretty but the noise is seriously obnoxious. There is also a “Winter Market” that opened last week as well. I now live in a wonderful, fake snow, winterland. I might go crazy and try to pull down the ferris wheel in a week if they don’t turn down the volume…

UPDATE: They turned down the music…whoo hoo! Also, apparently I am gaining followers…Nicolas and Emilie talked to me about my blog tonight at a chic boho party, or “bobo” (bohemian-bourgeois) as the French like to call it. I had no idea!! Thank you so much!
PS – Great party, Marc!!


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One response to “I’m not a grinch but….

  1. Julia

    Wait until people actually go to the wheel. Girls screaming when they reach the top, which happens all the time because, well… it’s a wheel! It is so annoying to hear those constant screams!
    And because French people are not complaining all the time : I love your blog, sweetie!

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