This past Thursday was Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving is a particularly American occasion and I was not expecting to celebrate it this year*…luckily, I was wronggggg!

The Clairouins and I made a supremely delicious (if I do say so myself) Thanksgiving lunch this past weekend in Dieppe. We made my first turkey, with apple and sausage stuffing, a fig compote to replace the traditional but impossible to find cranberry sauce, a green salad with figs, walnuts, and roquefort, and mashed potatoes. Marie Noëlle made a creamy pumpkin pie and I made an apple pie. It was all a great success! The recipes will be listed on my Recipes page if you are curious to see what ingredients I used and would like to try yourself. It was so great to be with such a wonderful group of people and to not feel like I was missing out on an important family holiday.

On Thursday night, Olivier and I went out with Dan and Casey, two friends from Germany and America, respectively, for moules frites. Ok, you may wonder, mussels? But Lise, I thought you hated them. Not any more! I love them now! Especially with a creme, garlic, and white wine base – although I don’t think I could refuse anything with those ingredients. We went to a brasserie on rue Bethune, the shopping street here in Lille, and it was very colorful, noisy, and warm, a perfect environment for recreating that holiday feeling. And after the four of us met up with Jenn to celebrate her birthday. A very festive Thursday!**

To top things off, I skyped with my mom, who was in Bellevue, Maryland – right next to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay – where we always go to have Thanksgiving with Buck and Mike and their families. I got to say hello to everyone and, of course, to the doggy family too.

This was a GREAT Thanksgiving after all! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! Please tell me what you did for the holidays. Also, let me know how you are doing in general!

* I spent my first non-American Thanksgiving in Helsingør, Denmark eating Ramen noodles and drinking Tuborg beer with my American friend Nate. Needless to say, we drank, complained, and were thankful that we were at least two Americans together both equally missing turkey – equal (un)opportunity, an American civil right at it’s best.
** Photos courtesy of Dan Orbeck, who sends salutations and a Happy Thanksgiving to my family.



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2 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Haha, oh dear, our blogs match. I posted the same picture under my thanksgiving entry.

  2. Kate

    Lise! You are looking beautiful! I’m glad you got to have a Thanksgiving! This year was my first vegetarian Thanksgiving, and my mom was nice enough to make me my own dish – a stuffed eggplant with zucchini and mushrooms.. mmmm. It was a lot easier to resist the turkey than I thought it would be! Also, thanks for the birthday wishes! I feel old! Haha xo

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