Fire? Fire! Oh well.

This morning we had a fire drill at Sciences Po. Of course, there was no previous warning that there was going to be a drill, and so I thought it was a real fire. Especially when people actually came looking for us in the classroom (because my professor just continued to teach…!).

After living in Los Angeles, where earthquake drills are a regular activity, and in Charlottesville, Virginia, where fire drills are normal because delinquent kids pull the fire alarm all the time, I know the drill – do what you’re told, do it efficiently, and do it fast. So, you can understand my surprise (and the surprise of all the internationals students) when we saw the French students shuffling slowly out of the building, cramming onto the stairs, and blocking the sidewalk just in front of the school, creating a HUGE human traffic jam. People were just hanging out, smoking, even singing. Is this how the French react in times of emergencies? If there had been a real fire, we would have been absolutely screwed – and, perhaps, dead. SWEET!

Assume what you will…I’m not saying that the French cannot get their shit together (and Olivier assures me it’s because they just don’t care). But, really?

In other news, got my hair cut (and it was extremely weird because the hairdresser used an electric hair trimmer the whole time. No scissors! Is this a new technique?) and my LG Shine phone has a problem with its Bluetooth, so I couldn’t show you photos or a video of the fire drill. If you are considering buying an LG Shine, don’t.



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2 responses to “Fire? Fire! Oh well.

  1. Jenn

    Thanks for saying it! love your site 🙂

  2. Inci

    Don’t worry! I don’t know how it is in the States, but when I was in highschool (in Germany) we had fire alarms every year. I assume it’s the same thing in France, because we didn’t care about it either. We behaved exactly the same way; blocked the sidewalk, smoked etc. Once, my music teacher even forbid us to leave the room, because he didn’t wanna interrupt his lesson because of a “stupid” fire alarm. You see, it’s not a particularly french behavior!

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