Cough, Cough…Sniff, Sniff…Oink, Oink

Just kidding – no swine flu here – but I am sick, have semi-lost my voice, and, of course, just in time for exams! Amazing…What timing! What precision! What skill!

Three exams and two papers. This can be done. I just hope my eyes/nose stop watering.

How are you all? I hope the flu-cold season hasn’t reached you.

In other news (and yes, actually in the news) I watched the opening ceremony of the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit and am absolutely thrilled for a city so dear to my heart to be hosting such an amazing conference.

I know there’s a lot of talk about the carbon footprint of the conference (Bill even joked about the fact that the airplane travel alone is causing climate change) but if something can be done to reduce carbon output worldwide, I’m all for it – yes, I am a tree huger, and so what? (I also think it’s majorly impressive that 2/3 of the food at the conference is organic…this must mean that the entire organic production in Denmark is going straight to the conference!)

What do you think about the conference?

PS – A small update on the metro story. I’ve been carefully analyzing the metro system (yes, this is what I do in my free time….no, you silly!) and have noticed that it’s not the people’s fault, but rather the construction of the metro car and metro station is, well, just bad. The cars are very small and don’t leave enough room for people to stand. The metro station platforms are not wide enough and therefore a major jam occurs when passengers are trying to get on/off the metro. While Lille’s metro system is the first fully electronic, ie: no driver, metro system, they perhaps didn’t think the planning through all the way. It was also opened in 1983 – maybe they never expected so many people to use the metro?


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