“You Are Your Own Devil,” Georgina Spelvin

Mhm…yes…so true are the words of Ms. Spelvin, former porn actor, now 73 years old. And I guess she would know a thing or two about that…but, anyways! I really should be writing my last paper, but I’m deviling myself, and stopping my own success by painting my nails and trotting around online. All I want to do is go Christmas shopping, wrap presents, and fill the kitchen with Christmas smells. Especially since ITS SNOWING! The first snow of the year!!

Anyways, I’m writing about the gay community as immigrants to New York City in the 1960s and how they are actors of innovation and creativity. Awesome topic, non? I am so excited to write this paper, I don’t know why I am avoiding it. I guess I just don’t want to fail myself, nor our good family friend, the late Mr. Herbert Muschamp, genius and prolific architecture critic for the New York Times. Writing something on Herbert’s work has been brewing in my mind for several years now, one of the reasons why I’m psyching myself out about writing this paper. It’s most definitely my tribute to him, my auntie. I’ve even gotten the advice of my daddies to write this paper, which is what happens when you are the daughter of two deans of architecture, and even freaking know the writers I am citing – Sennett and Sassen. Damn It Lise, Get On With It. You Know You Can Do It. Ah, but to walk in the footsteps of geniuses is soooo scary. At least I don’t have any expectations to fulfill, definitely no genius here! Just one lazy girl who wants to be done with her exams so that she can go fuel the Christmas economy and buy lavish presents for her family.

PS – A major dilemma occurred the other day, which I thought was very ironic, and makes me feel terrible. Across the street there is a homeless woman who always sits in the same place outside the department store. Each time someone walks past, she says hello. I always say hello back and once I gave her two euros. Now, because it’s the Christmas season, there is also a woman from the Salvation Army, ringing a little bell, and asking for donations for the homeless. Now, what do I do? I’m a bitch if I give the homeless woman some money and don’t give the Salvation Army woman money. But then I’m also a bitch if I give some money to the Salvation Army woman and not to the homeless person. So, my instinctively selfish side cut in, told myself that I don’t have much money either, and kept on walking. Ah, the holiday season. Makes all of us bitches, no matter what we do. I’m going to give money to both of the women today.


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