Paris, J’arrive!

Gearing up and getting ready to haul ourselves, our bags, and all our Christmas presents to Paris through the snow. I just really hope that the trains will be running on time (HA, right…) and that we are not a day late due to strikes. Makes everything run so smooth, those strikes. But I cannot wait to get there! Clairouin family Christmas parties and a MAJOR PARTY with my parents, sister, god parents, and god sister. Paris better get ready! They won’t know what hit them once we’re all there…AMERICAN EXODUS TO PARIS! (Can’t wait to report back how the Parisians act towards us, this is going to be hilarious.)

But right now I’m running off to a friend’s house for the last international party of the semester (SOOOO SADDDD). I cannot believe that everyone is leaving and that people I’ve come so close to are now going back to their home countries. Well, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. (And you know, my international friends, that I love you all so much!)

What are your plans for Christmas? Tell me!

Hope you’re all doing well and not buried in 10 feet snow (like most of the East Coast right now) and Europe’s going into a deep freeze now too. Get your longjohns on and grab a hot toddy!

PS – I finished my paper today and I gave money to both the women, in case you were wondering 🙂


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