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Alexander Wang, Fall 2010

I know it was just the other day I blogged about Spring 2010, but I cannot avoid talking about this Alexander Wang show until fall. I WANNNNTTTT, especially that camel cape and coat, grey criss-cross sweater and those boots. Love the velvet, so late 70s rocker chic. C. Ronson also did a really 70s inspired show. Fall is looking good. I cannot wait to wear my “ratty” suede and fur collar jacket allll spring. (Yes, mom, it’s just guna get even ratttierrrrr. 🙂 I’m just trying to be authentic.)


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Smell Update

Today Olivier had some big news for me…something to confirm my suspicions…something to make me feel somewhat more sane…THERE IS A YEAST FACTORY NEAR LILLE! He found out today because someone at La Voix du Nord was talking about the factory.

YESSS. I am not crazy. (Although you might still like to think otherwise.) I knew it smelled like yeast. I guess that’s what you get from working in a kitchen (besides many other wonderful skills) but I am damn good at recognizing smells and tastes.

If you’d like more information about the factory:

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Summer, Summer, Summer, Where are you?

I can’t have summer, but I can listen to this and pretend that I’ve got the beach, the waves, the sun, the sand, and a cold hummingbird cocktail in my hand. And, of course, my friends, we’ll all fly to paradise together and live there for the rest of our lives.

And here’s a recipe for the hummingbird (in case your mouth was watering or you were confused and thought I was talking about the bird)

For one serving:
1 oz bananas
1 oz coconut cream
1 oz creme de bananes
1 oz rum
1/2 oz Tia Maria® coffee liqueur
1 oz strawberries
crushed ice

Please leave me songs that remind you of summer! I need some more sunshine tunes!


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Spring Trends for 2010

Now that a new decade is upon us, and a new season, Spring 2010 will be an interesting time. My predictions for upcoming/persisting trends from the shows I am most excited about.

– 1950s/1960s femme fatale, with a twist. (See Hussein Chalayan)
– Leather used in new ways. (See Valentino PS – that’s not lace, that’s leather!)
– Rocker Chick (See Balmain)
– And one of my favorite shows from the season (and a definite favorite designer in general): Lanvin

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Last Speaker of Ancient Language Dies

This is absolutely amazing and tragic. What does this mean for our world, on a long term scale? How many languages will we lose? How many races and ethnicities will disappear? How much rich culture are we destroying/overlooking/taking for granted? But, then, what can we do to prevent this from happening? I do not have the answers for this, nor do I know where to start thinking. Do you?

The last speaker of an ancient language in India’s Andaman Islands has died at the age of about 85, a leading linguist has told the BBC.

Professor Anvita Abbi said that the death of Boa Sr was highly significant because one of the world’s oldest languages – Bo – had come to an end.

She said that India had lost an irreplaceable part of its heritage.

Languages in the Andamans are thought to originate from Africa. Some may be 70,000 years old.

The islands are often called an “anthropologist’s dream” and are one of the most linguistically diverse areas of the world.

You can find the rest of the article here.

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The Fragrances of Lille

When leaving my apartment each day, I’m always welcomed onto the street by various funks:

– Sewage
– Yeast
– Old man body odor
– Stale beer
– One of my friends, Jenn, thinks she smells chocolate and one night I slightly understood what she meant, but it still smelled like yeast to me.

It’s never all of the odors at one time, thankfully, but it can still be entirely overwhelming and extremely off-putting. For example, a lot of the time I don’t want to go to school, solely because the stairs that lead up to the school smell like poop central.

But TODAY – HOLY SHIIIITTT. Literally. In the morning when I went to school, no problem…no big funk, just the normal city stench. But at around 11 am when I exited the metro and was walking the two blocks home…I almost ran. I had to! It smelled like a stink bomb ( x A MILLLION) had been set off. I even tried to cover my nose and mouth with my scarf to protect myself from the awful reek but it was no use!

Does anyone have any explanations as to why Lille smells so terrible? I’ve been through a list of things in my head such as: factories, paper mills, sewage issues? It’s GROSS! Tell me whyyyyyy, whyyyyy???

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The other night a few friends came over and we all made sushi. And, who, you might ask, taught you to make this wonderful sushi? サー Yuki Eriguchi!

Here are some photos from the night. There are no photos of the final result (although I think Yuki might have one). We ate them all too fast!!

Yuki fanning the rice with his grandmother's fan, Jasper observing.

Our master watching over the ingredients: cucumber, avacado, salmon, tuna, egg, rice

...roll your sushi with love and zen...


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