The other night a few friends came over and we all made sushi. And, who, you might ask, taught you to make this wonderful sushi? サー Yuki Eriguchi!

Here are some photos from the night. There are no photos of the final result (although I think Yuki might have one). We ate them all too fast!!

Yuki fanning the rice with his grandmother's fan, Jasper observing.

Our master watching over the ingredients: cucumber, avacado, salmon, tuna, egg, rice

...roll your sushi with love and zen...



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2 responses to “Sushi!

  1. gucci

    j’ai pu compris ce que j’ai écrit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love english!!!!!!

  2. gucci

    j’ai pu comprendre ce que t’as écrit!!!!!
    yeah i love english!!!

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