The Fragrances of Lille

When leaving my apartment each day, I’m always welcomed onto the street by various funks:

– Sewage
– Yeast
– Old man body odor
– Stale beer
– One of my friends, Jenn, thinks she smells chocolate and one night I slightly understood what she meant, but it still smelled like yeast to me.

It’s never all of the odors at one time, thankfully, but it can still be entirely overwhelming and extremely off-putting. For example, a lot of the time I don’t want to go to school, solely because the stairs that lead up to the school smell like poop central.

But TODAY – HOLY SHIIIITTT. Literally. In the morning when I went to school, no problem…no big funk, just the normal city stench. But at around 11 am when I exited the metro and was walking the two blocks home…I almost ran. I had to! It smelled like a stink bomb ( x A MILLLION) had been set off. I even tried to cover my nose and mouth with my scarf to protect myself from the awful reek but it was no use!

Does anyone have any explanations as to why Lille smells so terrible? I’ve been through a list of things in my head such as: factories, paper mills, sewage issues? It’s GROSS! Tell me whyyyyyy, whyyyyy???


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One response to “The Fragrances of Lille

  1. Mysterious explosions, stinky streets… seems like Lille is falling apart since I left! lol

    More seriously, I know that Vieux Lille stinks because of bad and old sewer pipes. Maybe the explanation…

    How are things besides that? I’m gonna write you an email soon, and I swear it won’t imply sewer pipes:)

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