A Regretful Absence

The end of February was pretty rough, weatherly-speaking. Let’s just say that I’ve got an issue with grey skies. Can’t stand them; I get tired, sleepy, and depressed. I hate winter. Yes, I have seasonal affective disorder, no need to tell me. I blame Los Angeles for conditioning me to appreciate only sun and 75 F weather. And the two last weeks of February were the worst. No sun, lots of rain, a return to -1 C temperatures and freak snow flurries.

But now, it’s mid-March and the sun has peeked his head out of the clouds to say hello. Spring time is coming! And today there’s a high of 17 C! And it’s obvious that spring is in the air…everyone is getting chipper, new relationships are blooming between my friends, and, to top it off, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day today and so I’m sure there will be some new gossip tomorrow, if you catch my drift.

It’s also internship application season and I feel a bit like I’m searching for a needle in a haystack. But I’m sure I will find something – I have to find something. I’m not ready to move back to my life in the USA quite yet. I’m sending off my first batch of cover letters and CVs this weekend.

Wish me luck!


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