___ make everything better

Yesterday was a difficult day. I learned that my granny is in the hospital and that my roommate situation has yet again changed for next year. Eck. But at least class was canceled that evening (which means 3 hours next Monday…?!?!) and I got to come home early.

All I wanted all day was a huge hug to make everything feel ok. HUGS FOREVER!

Here’s my list (just a few of many many things that make me feel great):

Hugs make everything better.
Tea makes everything better.
Blue skies and sun make everything better.
The smell of a loved ones perfume makes everything better.
Fluffy pillows and a cozy comforter make everything better.
A beautiful dinner (breakfast/lunch/any meal) makes everything better.
Warm sweaters and big socks make everything better.
A magazine with glossy photos makes everything better.
Your friends and family make everything better.
The beach makes everything better.

I could go on and on. But I’m sure you know exactly how I feel when I say that sometimes all you want is to cozy up, feel good with the things you love, and take a little me-time.

What makes things feel good for you? I’d love to know…maybe you’ll inspire me (please do!).



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4 responses to “___ make everything better

  1. Flora

    I’m sorry I haven’t been exactly cheerful or comforting… but i’ll give you a huge strong hug next time we meet!

    The list of things you mentioned make me feel good too, just to add a few more:

    -Dark chocolate
    -Macarons and Earl Grey
    -Snuggling up in bed while reading a good book
    -Picnic in a lovely park on a sunny day
    -Trying pretty clothes on
    -Sweet dreams

    Things will be fine and hope you’ll cheer up soon! You look good with a smile 🙂

  2. Liv

    I know this will make me sound like an over-indulgent douche, but…

    Fancy pastries and fine champagne make everything better.

    And thank you for including my blog in your favorite websites!

  3. cindy

    -Tea: always

    -links to stupid videos that my bf send me



    -thinking of coming travels


    -cooking cakes and eating the half of batter


  4. Hunter

    Right now a mint julep is making everything better for me. As is the blues.

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