My university is beautiful!

Being abroad has really made me appreciate how gorgeous my university is. We’ve got amazing, historic gardens with serpentine walls, dogwood trees and magnolia trees bursting into bloom across grounds, and soft lawns to stretch out on in the sunshine.

How I long to sit in one of the rear gardens and pretend that I am totally invisible to everyone.

Images courtesy of the UVa magazine. And here’s a link to 15 reasons to love Charlottesville in the spring.
PS – boy am I incredibly envious of all the alumni who are posting comments about how amazing Easters was. Damnit, bring Easters BACKKK!!!
PSS – to anyone who is curious to know what Easters is, it was a week long party at my school in the spring, incredibly famous throughout the entire east coast, where thousands of people would come to party, get muddy in Madison (Mud) Bowl, and have a good time. It got canceled in the 60s, I believe, because there were just too many people and the whole town was chaos.


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  1. Mikaela

    these are beautiful pictures. i am going to go on a run to uva today to check these places out. i had forgotten about them until now.

    thank you!

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