Here We Go!

Remember how I mentioned that I was applying to culinary schools? Well….I received my acceptance letter from Ferrandi – French Culinary School of the Arts – last week. I am thrilled! Classes will start in September and I am completely ready for a new, fresh start. I am also very ready to commit myself to this grueling profession because it brings me great joy. And no matter how hard something is, if you love it, it will always bring happiness. At least, that’s what they say…

Of course, with this acceptance letter and move comes the winds of change and all the baggage with it. I am trying my hardest to be graceful and compassionate. Change is not an easy thing, for everyone involved.

I’ve been reading a fellow Charlottesvillian’s blog – – she has many great insights into meditation and yoga practice. I’ve been going to yoga a lot lately and I feel much better for it. I really did miss yoga and must find a place to practice in Paris, or at least make a space in our future apartment where I can practice.

Frances’ blog has also inspired me to make soup tonight – Sweet and Spicy Spring Soup. Soup for the soul. Thank you, Franny, for the beautiful recipe!


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