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I Just Got Fired…!

This past Thursday, I walked into work, preparing myself for a brutal verbal lashing from Restaurant X’s owner, as he’d been abusively calling me out for every small mistake with alcohol-laden breath and a small dog complex. I had to let him know that I will be traveling soon and he was entirely dismissive, shooed me away, and then called me back to tell me that I was no longer needed. Getting fired by the man who claims he never fires people. I guess he can’t say that anymore!

At first, I was so upset. Not because I loved that job; not because I cared what he thought; not because I enjoyed working as a waitress. But because I was so focused on my goal and felt so beaten down, working crazy long hours, and trying to make enough money to fund my dreams. I started to cry as I walked home, always abiding by my rule, “Never let them see you cry.”

Then, when I realized that I could go home and get to bed early that night, I was relieved! So glad to be out of that mess. My first time being fired and I could not be more elated. And now the search begins again…



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