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Dieppe, Le Havre, and back to school

This weekend was relaxing, warm, and cozy with Olivier’s family. We hadn’t seen his parents in about 2 months, so it was wonderful to see them again. It was also Olivier’s oldest brother, Jean-Baptiste’s, 29th birthday!! Olivier’s parents, Noel and Marie-Noelle, set up a sneaky surprise birthday for JB with all the siblings, except for Maud who lives in Biarritz, at JB and his girlfriend Angelique’s apartment in Le Havre. JB was totally surprised and the whole night was absolutely wonderful. It was really good to see both Bruno and JB again and to finally meet Angelique. And we called Maud to say hello and say that we missed her. I always love going to see the Clairouin family!

The Dieppe cliffs and harbor

The Dieppe cliffs and harbor

We also went to the Dieppe market, saw Simon and Hombline, two friends of Olivier, and ate lots and lots of yummy food.

Now we are back in Lille and September weather has really set in – it’s autumn! I also received my class schedule so now I know what most of my classes are, although I’ve been told that they will change, and still don’t have the schedule for any English classes yet. French schools seem seriously disorganized. I haven’t made any international friends yet, which is hard, but I am sure that I will soon. I’ve made friends with a lot of French people but not Internationals. I sent a message to some people today to ask if they would like to hang out, even though I’ve only met them in a class or hallway once. We’ll see! I am sure I will make international friends soon.

UPDATE! I went out to have drinks with two Swedish girls and a girl from Hong Kong! I am so happy 🙂

Sciences Po Lille

How are all of you??? Thanks so much for keeping up with my blog! I love to see your comments and messages!



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