The Blackboard

Last year, Olivier bought a giant blackboard at the Grande Braderie, a massive flea market here in Lille (click the link for more information). The blackboard is an ever-changing art piece in our apartment, morphing mostly at parties when people have had enough to drink that they are no longer embarrassed to demonstrate their artistic (in)abilities. I thought it might be fun for you all to see what crazy, twisted, and sometimes beautiful pictures our friends, Olivier, and I think of.

Sir Squidius is now accompanied by some little friends

Sir Squidius gets married to the baguette!

Sir Squidius by Hannah McDonald Moniz

Here is the first blackboard picture that I have of the summer:

June 22, 2009


2 responses to “The Blackboard

  1. somewherenearhere

    where’s Sir Squidius?

    • lostandfoundinfrance

      Now he’s a Hasidic jewish gangster, married to a baguette, playing a flute, and doing a crossword puzzle. I think he’s having an identity crisis.

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